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It's 2065 and practically all the world flora has been destroyed by humans. Neverthless one place remains, the last lung of earth, Silver Steered, a botanical garden dedicated to conserve the species that once flourished on earth. Managed by robots to avoid the hand of man and to let the flora grow on its own.

Play as 808 Erwin, the new security guard model, just after some hackers decoded the security system and all the employees in the garden revealed themselves. 

 Now it's your time to reactivate the security system in this frenetically crazy top down shooter.



Created and Developed by MagnetTeam

Lead Programmer: Dan Roeniger

Lead Artist: Gerard Maynegre

Artists: Mar Lopez, Jordi Pascual

Lead Designer: Álex Montaño

Producer & Animator: Sergio Mora

Music by Lyen (https://soundcloud.com/lyenmusic)

Install instructions

Unzip and execute!

That's all you need to do to get yourself in Erwin's skin.


SilverSteered.rar 174 MB

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